Friday, August 31, 2012

Let's not do that again!

We had a bit of a scare yesterday at our midwife appointment. Before I start, everything turned out okay!

I had my final ultrasound with the midwife scheduled for yesterday afternoon. Long story short, Baby Girl's heart beat was in the 190s. They hooked us up to the monitors and her heart rate was constant in the 190s. I honestly don't know for how long. It dragged on an on, but I'd guess around 10-15 minutes. It started going down, but it was still high.

I met with the doctor and she went through the monitor and she told us that she wanted us to go to the hospital for a longer monitoring. She listened to Baby Girl's heart beat with the Doppler and it was in the 150s and never went near 190.

We got to the hospital and they hooked us up again. Everything was fine. Her heart rate stayed normal for the 2 hours we were being monitored. I was also having contractions during the monitoring. They were pretty sporadic, but they were happening frequently.

We are so happy that everything turned out okay. But please keep Baby Girl in your prayers. We don't want this to happen again!

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