Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 12

We will be in our 12th week on Monday, August 22. So we will technically be in the "safe" period of our pregnancy. I'm looking forward to it with a little bit of apprehension. We have our first appointment with the specialist on Friday, September 2. I'm hoping/not hoping they do another ultrasound. I would love to see our baby again!

I'm not really sure what to expect with the specialist appointment. Before our first regular appointment, I did some research on what is done at a first baby appointment. So, I kind of knew what to expect. But there's really nothing out there for this.

I've been feeling really good! I made it through the whole first week of school without feeling too exhausted. My kids are GREAT and it's AWESOME only having 4 students! However, today I woke up at 9 and laid down to take a nap at 1:30. I was down for about 2 hours. I didn't get any school work done like I planned today, but my body needed a relaxing day with nothing to do. That just means that tomorrow will be school planning and laundry day :)

I've done a bit of research on what we can do to help prevent blood clotting and one of the things is to NEVER sit criss-cross-applesauce. I ALWAYS sit this way even in my computer chair. So I've been very conscious to not sit that way. I also sit with my feet up on a cart thing that I have for school. BEST DISCOVERY SO FAR! As far as sleeping goes, I think it's about time to invest in a body pillow. My hips have been more sore lately.

The worst part for me right now is my memory! I just feel COMPLETELY scatter-brained! Baby G is sucking my brain from my head! Like I said earlier, I only have 4 students. You would think I wouldn't have any problems with names. Two of the students use their Hebrew names. They're not too hard, but just a bit different. My youngest student has a "normal" name, but she remind me of one of my younger cousins so I call her Jessica ALL the time! The kids think it's hilarious that I mix up their names. I just hope my brain starts cooperating a little bit more!

Other than that, things are going great! I feel like I have SO much more energy and am DEFINITELY looking forward to the next step in this pregnancy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School!

It was awesome! I feel tired now, but not completely useless :)

My lower back has been pretty stiff lately. Mark massaged it last night and it feels good again. I think I just overdid it last week. I'm sure it will happen again as I spend a TON of time in itty, bitty, tiny chairs and on the floor. But the constant movement is really good for me and Baby G.

On a side note, my back looks like a teenage girl in the middle of puberty! I'm pretty sure it's because of all the extra hormones surging through my body. I'm just glad it's not all over my face! I can easily hide my back.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

School Starts Soon!

So along with all this fun baby stuff, I've also been getting ready for my first REAL teaching job! I was in my class all last week and feel pretty good about everything. For those of you who don't know, I'm working at a Jewish school in Peoria, IL. I'll be teaching the K-2 class. I have 4 students (one being a preschooler). I'm nervous because I basically have free reign of my class. It's awesome........I just hope I can do it!

Along with that, I have to eat Kosher while at school. It's a vegetarian/dairy school. In order to eat Kosher, Jewish people are not allowed to mix milk and meat at the same meal. Since my school is in the basement of a synagogue, I have to follow their rules. I'm TOTALLY cool with this, but I'm just nervous about what I'm going to eat! I'm afraid I'll get hungrier faster without having that protein at lunch time. On a happy note, I don't get my students until 10:45 in the morning! They do Jewish/Hebrew Studies from 8:30-10:30 and then have a recess break until 10:45 :) So, that means I should be able to get breakfast and a small snack in before I get the kiddos.  Then we get lunch from 12:15-12:45. I'll have recess duty from 12:45-1:00. The kids are dismissed at 3:30 Mon.-Thurs. and 3:00 on Friday.

We went and got some school clothes for me today :( It wasn't the greatest shopping experience of my life. My ladies up north have gotten bigger. So, things aren't fitting quite right. And although I haven't gained any weight yet, I think a lot of my fat decided to move to my stomach. Everything just looks and feels WAY different on me now. I've gotten 1 pair of maternity dress pants and now 1 shirt. I've found that depending on the style of shirt, I can get away with maternity now. But a lot of the tops are REALLY big for me and I just look CRAZY frumpy in them! So we just got a few shirts for the beginning of the year and will get more as needed. I can still wear my other dress pants for now.

I've been tired this trimester. But last week I don't think I took a nap at all (which is a pretty big thing for me :). I did notice that I was DEAD exhausted at 4:00 every single day. It's been the same this weekend, too. I'm gonna try getting some almonds to munch on for my drive home and see if that helps at all.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby G

So, Mark and I decided that we would start a blog about our pregnancy adventure. We don't want to bombard/annoy our facebook friends if they don't care to see it.

As of August 22, we will be 11 weeks along. Things actually have gone fairly smooth. I didn't really have any kind of sickness/nausea until about 7 weeks. Then it was not very fun (but could have been WAY worse)! I quickly discovered that peppermint Altoids were my best friend! Hard lemon candies and peppermint candies worked for a little bit, but I didn't want all that sugar sitting on my teeth. So I started eating Altoids by the tin :) This all lasted until about 10 weeks. Like I said, not too bad :) Since then I'll get a little yucky feeling every now and then, but it's never too bad. I actually feel like I can finally go grocery shopping now!

Mark has been absolutely AWESOME so far! He's really cool about doing things for me and helping out with dinner and dishes. I really appreciate everything he does and feel COMPLETELY blessed to be experiencing this with him!

We had our first appointment on August 10. We got to see our baby and hear his/her heartbeat. It was going strong at 162 BPM. Pretty much the coolest thing ever! I went back a couple of days later for blood work. They tested the normal pregnancy things along with a few family history issues. We got the results back from those and found out that I tested positive for Factor V Leiden. In quick terms, it's a genetic mutation that can cause blood clotting. It's something that can effect a person whether they're pregnant or not. However, during pregnancy it puts the mother and baby at a higher risk for blood clots because of the amount of estrogen. There are a couple varying levels of severity depending on if I have a double mutation or not (I will be asking the specialist when I go in). My OB/GYN referred me to a high risk pregnancy doctor. I'll be going in soon (have to reschedule appointment). I was pretty upset. My family has a history of miscarriages in both the first and second trimester. If the baby has inherited this mutated gene, they can also have a clot in them whereas my body would cause a clot in the placenta and umbilical cord.

Needless to say, we are somewhat worried. We just ask that everyone prays for us and Baby G. Everything will happen the way it's supposed and it's in God's hands. We will be doing everything in our power to take care of me and Baby G including: going for more walks, getting some more B-vitamins, and taking a baby aspirin for now.

The official due date is March 12, 2012! We have a lot of family members with birthdays/anniversaries at the beginning of March. So Baby G could share a day with someone ;)

We can't wait to continue this journey and are looking forward to the following nine months :)