Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 12

We will be in our 12th week on Monday, August 22. So we will technically be in the "safe" period of our pregnancy. I'm looking forward to it with a little bit of apprehension. We have our first appointment with the specialist on Friday, September 2. I'm hoping/not hoping they do another ultrasound. I would love to see our baby again!

I'm not really sure what to expect with the specialist appointment. Before our first regular appointment, I did some research on what is done at a first baby appointment. So, I kind of knew what to expect. But there's really nothing out there for this.

I've been feeling really good! I made it through the whole first week of school without feeling too exhausted. My kids are GREAT and it's AWESOME only having 4 students! However, today I woke up at 9 and laid down to take a nap at 1:30. I was down for about 2 hours. I didn't get any school work done like I planned today, but my body needed a relaxing day with nothing to do. That just means that tomorrow will be school planning and laundry day :)

I've done a bit of research on what we can do to help prevent blood clotting and one of the things is to NEVER sit criss-cross-applesauce. I ALWAYS sit this way even in my computer chair. So I've been very conscious to not sit that way. I also sit with my feet up on a cart thing that I have for school. BEST DISCOVERY SO FAR! As far as sleeping goes, I think it's about time to invest in a body pillow. My hips have been more sore lately.

The worst part for me right now is my memory! I just feel COMPLETELY scatter-brained! Baby G is sucking my brain from my head! Like I said earlier, I only have 4 students. You would think I wouldn't have any problems with names. Two of the students use their Hebrew names. They're not too hard, but just a bit different. My youngest student has a "normal" name, but she remind me of one of my younger cousins so I call her Jessica ALL the time! The kids think it's hilarious that I mix up their names. I just hope my brain starts cooperating a little bit more!

Other than that, things are going great! I feel like I have SO much more energy and am DEFINITELY looking forward to the next step in this pregnancy!

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