Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!

As most of you know, Mark and I had our anatomy scan yesterday. We found out LG is a girl! We are so incredibly happy and it is fun/weird calling her by her name (which we are keeping a secret until she makes her appearance).

Everything on the anatomy scan looked good so far. Dr. Egley, the specialist, said that doesn't guarantee everything is perfect. But, everything they were able to see at the scan looked great! It was very much a relief. We were also told that starting at 27 weeks we would start going to his office every week. At every appointment, they will do various tests to make sure baby girl is developing the way she should. We will also have a scan every 3 weeks so they can measure and make sure she is doing well. It's really comforting to have this kind of service. This will help detect any kind of stress baby girl may be under because of my clotting disorder. Then if there are issues, we will know right away and can take any actions that we need to. Good thing I really like this doctor!

Baby girl was being somewhat uncooperative yesterday. Her feet were up by her head the entire time! Mind you the scan was a good 20-25 minutes. She must've been comfy! I had to roll around trying to get her to change her position. She never did :) It was hard for them to get measurements of her head. We really didn't get to see her face because her feet were there. She also kept putting her hands up by her face.

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